Mathematics continued…

  You remember the Rubik’s Cube don’t you?  That frustrating cube of colors that never seems to match up.  I’ve got kids begging to solve that crazy thing if you can believe it!  Our math teacher is sharing the algorithms with our students step by step and they are taking to the challenge! I love … [Read more…]

Minecraft and Cardboard boxes

Thanks to Bremen and his amazing pictures, I was transported back in time…back to when I would beg my parents to let me keep the boxes that were delivered to our door on rare occasions. (Amazon wasn’t even a thought back then) Back to the days when I would spend hours making doll furniture, typewriters, … [Read more…]

Michelangelo and Fresco Painting

In our Cooperative we have learned some inspiring things about Leonardo DaVinci and about ourselves.  Now we’re moving on to….the Sistine Chapel, David, the Pieta and more.  Today we pulled out the paintbrushes and plaster to see the difficulties that Michelangelo faced as he painted a ceiling – a huge ceiling!    We started by … [Read more…]

Christmas Gifts Where Giving is the Gift!

A special Christmas tradition we have in our Master’s class is to draw names for one another at the beginning of December. We keep the names a secret.  The students spend time getting to know those unique things about each other that will make their gift truly appreciated.   This year was such a joy … [Read more…]

Keep it Diverse!

Today we met at my house as I wanted to demonstrate how to keep environments diverse so that every child’s personality can find a place.  I laid a few board games out in the living room.  The Screwball Scramble game was a definite hit with almost everyone!  It takes patience and eye/hand coordination.  There is … [Read more…]