Sometimes it looks like this and sometimes it looks like that…

When we’re out on a natural learning excursion, it’s apparent that every child learns in the way that is most interesting to them! God’s classroom provides a collage of activities that bring out wonder and awe. From lady bugs to lacy moss to, “Where is that water coming from?”


Sometimes it looks like this…

DSC_0193    DSC_0185

…And sometimes it looks like that…

DSC_0197   DSC_0231    DSC_0188

And then sometimes you just have to discover what’s on the other side of the river!

DSC_0238   DSC_0208   DSC_0221

I did my own observation on this excursion.  Here are some of my findings:

Some of our kids are more adventurous than others, but given time everyone puts their toes in the water.

Nature provides classes for the brave and the bold, the wary and watchful, the timid and meek!

Some of us like to wander off alone, but most like to go in pairs.

We’re a little more brave when we have someone following and someone to follow.

We can always stay longer than time allows.

Water bottles are a valuable commodity, and hiking makes us hungry!


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