Mom to Mom – What Did you do Today?

To all of you who are having fun with natural learning – thank you!  A special thank you to those who have sent me pictures and thoughts to share.  I know it strengthens all of us when we have a community and we can all contribute.

Wendy wrote:

“The boys made a candy dispenser out of Legos at our class.  They didn’t have all of the correct parts but they put their heads together and figured out how to make it work.  It took two classes to finish their machines, but it was worth the wait!”

img_20160920_130629163 img_20160920_130633990

In case your children are interested in giving this project a try, Wendy found the instructions on

How to Build a Lego Candy Dispenser

Thanks Wendy!


Marianne shared the following:

“I thought I would send some pictures of things we did at home school today.  We learned how to juggle with scarves (or paper towels) while practicing eye/hand coordination.  We went up the canyon and showed our cousin how to build Fairy Houses.  While up the canyon we looked around and spelled the names of things we saw.  We spelled tree, leaves, mountain, imagination, rock, etc.  They all took a turn spelling until someone got it right.  Our cousin really liked home school.”

img_20161019_092314 img_20161019_111409 img_20161019_111430 img_20161019_111451 img_20161019_111649


Finally Cherise has a talented husband who has put together a brilliant website to help kids become entrepreneurs. Together they are already teaching their young family how to create a business. Thanks Steve for sharing!


So a day of home school is as diverse as your children’s ideas, motivation and talents.  What did you do today? 

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