Master’s Retreat – “You don’t have to change the world, but live as though you may!”

As each year draws to a close our Master’s Class meets together for a yearly tradition we call our Master’s Retreat.  We have come to look forward to it with excitement and curiosity.  Each year the theme is different.  We’ve done everything from a Rope’s Course to hikes to talent shows to bonfires.  This year our theme was:  “The Beauty of Knowledge.”

Our activities centered around the many ways in which we gain knowledge: through experience, through service, through prayer, through institutions, through nature, through books, through other’s experiences…all part of the beauty of natural learning.  When our students are surrounded with new experiences and the great company each affords the others, it makes for a memorable experience.

A couple of hilarious moments were when the students were encouraged to learn some  skills that might come in handy – tie a necktie and whistle using their fingers!  I thought a couple of them might pass out as they tried over and over to whistle!  With some patience and persistence most figured it out!

We also toured a local college and welcomed a guest speaker, who used to be a student at our cooperative, listening attentively as she spoke about “college life.” It was very enlightening to listen to the questions that were asked of her, and there were many! We learned how to start a fire with flint and steel, shared individual talents with one another and went on a beautiful nature walk! We also tried some new cuisine and roasted marshmallows over a wood-burning stove! Best of all we got to know and appreciate each other a little bit more!


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