Join Us on Our Home School Walk

It’s a cool, crisp Fall day as we meander down the river trail. Pumpkins are strategically placed along the trail for us to find and decorate. There are some big ones and some little ones to fit everyone’s taste.

dsc_1626 dsc_1595 dsc_1583

We find a sunny spot, spread out the blankets and begin our masterpiece. We use permanent markers, in all different colors, to keep it easy.

dsc_1590 dsc_1587 dsc_1585 dsc_1584

Moms take some time for observation.


Now we’re off  to discover what’s around the next bend…Is it safe to touch?  Could it be poisonous? It’s the biggest mushroom we’ve ever seen, or is it a toadstool?  What’s the difference?  We definitely need to do some homework to answer all of our questions!


We come across the friendliest horses ever!

dsc_1616 dsc_1612

Back to the table for some soap carving.  Dillan has agreed to teach us how to get started.  He demonstrates how to make a bone and a heart.  Some choose to make a flower and a skull which turns out to be a bit more complicated!

dsc_1620 dsc_1622 dsc_1618

Is it possible that our time together is already over?  It went so quickly and there is so much more of the trail to explore.  We’ll be back for sure!


When we get home we can continue our Autumn adventures with Fletcher and the Falling Leaves


Or we can take some of the leaves we’ve collected and make something beautiful for our bedroom!


Or we can just have fun jumping in the leaves outside! (Don’t try this one on your own!)



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