Defining Natural Learning….a parent’s perspective

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One of our concluding activities that shouldn’t be missed was the Puppy Barn!


We’re getting close to the beginning of Summer and that means we’re wrapping up our time together as a study group.  At least for now….

As a recap we got together to share our thoughts.  Our conversation was genuine and we explored some tender topics. We shed some tears together as well as lots of smiles. It was enriching and heart-felt and I left feeling happier. I’m so, so grateful for their insights. When asked to define what natural learning was to them they shared these penetrating words:

Machiel: I’ve learned that it is really respecting and honoring agency in our children.  

Mistie: It has been a place to get permission to get inspiration from Heavenly Father. It’s also been about friendship. 

I’ve looked forward to our Monday gatherings. We started as a group of strangers willing to learn from one another. That willingness – that faith – has developed into greater love, empathy, joy and hope. I feel a pull on my heart as we take our summer break. You see I want to continue to be inspired by them.  I’m a better person when I’m in their company.

I pray that you have also been inspired to try something new, something hard, something powerful and that you receive many blessings in your family!

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