A Peek at our Discovery Day!

It all started with our lovely violinists who have discovered one of their many talents!





Next the beautiful Noel taught us how to do string magic…..drums, teacups, Eiffel Tower, kitty whiskers.  It was a real hit.  Some of the kids didn’t put their strings down for over an hour as they discovered their own creations!


On to our secret message decoding… we took a white crayon and wrote a message on a plain white sheet of paper.  It appears that nothing is on the page.  However, when you take a paintbrush and some water color paint, and brush over the top of the message, it magically appears!




Our milk rainbows received lots of ooohs and aaahs!

We started with a half cup of milk (at room temperature).  Next we added a few drops of food coloring in the middle and then….a drop of dish soap makes the magic!



And it took a little longer than we thought it would to count the number of water drops that can fit on the head of a penny…(Most of us guessed 3 to 5 drops – just a little off!)



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