Seventeen years ago I did something drastic!  I checked my children out of school and brought them home without the slightest idea of what to do next. There were many little things that led to this gigantic change, but the catalyst was the day my first grader was made to stand at the side of his desk  because he had laid his head on his table.

I suppose I should be grateful to his teacher for helping me make such a grandiose decision, but at the time I was not so generous with my thoughts!

Prior to this event (I sadly admit) I had dreams of my last preschooler going to kindergarten.  I had envisioned myself with six whole hours a day with a house all to myself!  What bliss, what possibilities – what had I just done?

On that day, in Louisville, KY, I closed the door to public school and opened the door to an odyphoto 1(6)ssey of grand proportions, a thrilling adventure that I am so grateful for.

Of course I didn’t see the big picture back then, and the next morning found me on the phone with my good friend; who also happened to be the “world’s greatest home-schooling mom.”

I have to confess that I secretly thought my friend was a wee bit crazy for choosing to keep her four children at home…now I just wanted to turn me into her – immediately! I wanted all of her wisdom poured into my head within the hour. It turns out it took a little longer than that.  What she did give me that day was a cherished gift of confidence!  She talked with me, answered a myriad of questions and assured me it would all be just fine.

It took time, but eventually I discovered something so wonderful that I’ve chosen to embark on this new adventure of blogging to share my discoveries with you.  I hope that it might make your homeschooling journey a bit simpler; full of joy and anticipation.


What did I discover?  That learning happens naturally; little by little, one step at a time.  It is what Father in Heaven put us here to do. He gave us  Life as our most inspiring teacher.

Children have this amazing wonder. They like to discover, explore and create all by themselves – as long as mom is close by to “come see.”  Whenever we hear the words, “Hey, I know, let’s….”  we can be sure that something magical is about to happen.

My realization brought new confidence and enthusiasm. I didn’t have to bring “public school” home;  in fact school could be dismissed and in its place… real learning!

I’ve had the opportunity to observe a number of children, and their actions have proven my philosophy. Children learn; and they will learn what is important to them.  They each have beautifully unique talents that will be developed as they are given plenty of time and a loving atmosphere to do so.  They want to stack, dig, climb, question, think about, paint, and rearrange things with little help from us. When we step back just a little bit, we get a better view of this delightful world of naturally learning!


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