Watching the Eclipse through the Eyes of Experts

When I was in elementary school I vividly remember my teacher leading us outside to witness a solar eclipse.  I was young and didn’t completely understand what was going to happen, but I did know that we would experience the sky turning dark in the middle of the day. It was exciting and scary all at the same time! This was not a complete Solar Eclipse but it was something that our teachers told us would not happen again for a very long time and it would be a special opportunity for us.  It is a memory I will keep for the rest of my life. All of my friends – the entire school – was outside waiting and watching and wondering.

This Monday I will have this opportunity again, only this time it will be a total eclipse and as an adult I will more fully understand what is happening.  Once again I find that I am excited for this special opportunity. In preparation for it I have read some interesting articles and watched a few videos so that I can appreciate looking at the eclipse through the eyes of experts.

One video I particularly enjoyed, which taught me more about the Sun, was from Nasa’s Edge Project.  It is called “From the Earth to the Sun.” 

Yet another internet site will let you type in your address to see what your view of the eclipse will be, and this one explains exactly what makes an eclipse.

The internet is packed with really neat stuff about a solar eclipse – more than any of us can possibly filter through.  It is the perfect time to give our children a Natural Learning opportunity that will lead to conversations, activities, questions and ideas.  Take time to talk about it and watch any number of videos produced by brilliant people.  Buy some protective glasses so that you can actually watch the eclipse. I’ve also been told a welding mask works great. Invite some friends to join you for this breathtaking event, and if you’re like me, you’ll still be talking about it years down the road!


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