Surprise Discoveries are the Best!

Our observation today took us up the canyon where the ground was covered with autumn leaves.

After a prayer, a song and some mind math, we found that one of the boys had gone home from last week and researched a little bit more about animals.  He discovered that if you come across a Gila Monster you might not want to touch it since they are POISONOUS!  Yes, they are found in Utah.  Image result for picture of a gila monster

After hearing about the Gila Monster, we looked through a few books such as “The Boy Who Drew Birds” and “Fairy Houses Everywhere.”

A couple of our families had been here before and the boys showed me a surprise that I had never seen! I love these kind of surprises!!  Someone, or lots of someones, had been making a very intriguing fortress that reminded me of something straight out of “Swiss Family Robinson.” For the next two hours the boys were hard at work exploring, improving and playing.  Though the boys didn’t really know each other before we started our group, this activity solidified their friendship.

dsc_1572 dsc_1574 dsc_1575 dsc_1582

Some of the girls decided it might be more fun to do some water color, which the boys joined us for later.

dsc_1580 dsc_1587 dsc_1592         dsc_1590

One of our cute girls was excited to make her own fairy house, so her and I set out together to get it started.  It turned out splendidly! In addition to a beautiful walkway and lamp posts, she included a bed of leaves inside. I think I had as much fun as she did.

dsc_1596 dsc_1594

Today I will share some of the observations that the parents shared with me.  They’re getting really good at this. I hope you are as well!

She likes to compartmentalize things.

He sticks pretty close to me, but when I walked away for a few minutes, a great relationship formed with the other boys.

It’s hard to be a girl with all those boys, until I discovered how to make a fairy house!

We have re-discovered drawing.

My husband is really getting into yard sales where he has found some wonderful books for our family.

Kids can work so hard, and call it fun!

He’s getting frustrated with his artwork.  Perhaps an art lesson would be good.

My husband said he is noticing a difference in our children since I started this.  Sometimes I don’t see it, but he does.

Mind math is a great tool.

I think my boys would enjoy going to an art museum or a dinosaur museum.

I’m beginning to see a pattern with my kids as I do my observation.

We found some sandstone.

After last week, and talking about what my daughter really likes to do, I started watching her more closely.  She loves to dress her Barbie dolls and make new outfits for them so I started talking to her about going to a fashion show.  She loved the idea.  Now she wants to know about Paris.





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