Start with the things they value!

Bremen wanted to teach a running class. He submitted a short syllabus of his class for review.  Here is what it contained:

10-20 minutes of jogging

5-15 minutes of running game

1-3 laps

1-3 races

Running game for rest of time (if time is left)

Bremen is a born leader and took his role as teacher very seriously.  I find this to be true of almost all students who ask to teach a class. Also fascinating is that the other children respond in like manner.  They also take the class very seriously. When children are given a time and place to share their talent, they rise to the occasion!  If you’re wondering what your children value, just ask them. Give them time to think about it and then give them a forum to teach others. You’ll be impressed.

DSC_1147   DSC_1156   DSC_1151

DSC_1183    DSC_1184   DSC_1187One of our dads even showed up and joined in the fun!


Mattie also brought us together for Manga art instruction.  Adults and children of all ages listened respectfully and carefully followed directions.


DSC_1166   DSC_1173      DSC_1175

The sun was shining, the ducks were cooperative and the company was superb!



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