Start the day right and good things will follow

Some moms have asked how they can engage all ages of children so that they don’t feel as though the younger children are being neglected while mom is working with the older kids and vice versa. Here are my experiences.

Start with prayer – personal prayer first; just you and Heavenly Father so that you can talk about your upcoming day, your ideas and concerns.

Next I find that it’s so much better if we take fifteen or twenty minutes and do a quick pick up around the living room and kitchen so that we can feel the peace that comes with a “sort of clean” house!

Now find an inspiring idea, video, story etc. that will set the tone and allow the Spirit to fill the room.  I love these new Bible videos for children, by children.

The lovely thing about the following video is that it will speak to all ages and will invoke some fun conversations so all you need to do is listen to your kids talk.  They may want to find this story in their own scriptures, record their own story or act out something they remember. If not, they will still feel the Spirit.




Now that you’re off to a good start, remember that Natural Learning obviously implies that the kids already have a pretty good idea of what they want to engage in. If you have taken time for observation, and helped a bit with setting up some environments,  your children will be off to discover, research, play, read and otherwise engage themselves in the many intriguing ideas swirling around in their minds.

Mom can spend time with the toddler and be there to encourage the rest as they take on their own learning!

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