Secret Weapon

Tretreasure mapasure Hunts!!

I haven’t met a child yet that doesn’t love them.  My kids loved them so much that they didn’t even care if there was a treasure at the end.  Finding clues, searching for the hiding place and the mystery of the next location are all magical activities for children.

Just think of it – cleaning treasure hunts, reading treasure hunts, personal hygiene treasure hunts…. Let me share a few examples of the clues I have used as well as some new ones:

Cleaning treasure hunts:

Go to the washing machine and throw in a batch of laundry, then find your next clue.

Go to your bed and make it, then find clue and proceed.

Go to vacuum cleaner and vacuum one room, find clue and go on.

Go to the television and dust it.  Find clue and proceed.

Go to the refrigerator to find your treasure!

This little activity works wonders as long as the cleaning activities are not too time consuming. They will come back asking for more every time!

Reading treasure hunts:

Go to Mom and Dad’s bedroom to find “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.”  Read it to your little (sister/brother) and then find your next clue.

Go to the kitchen table and look for “Little Joe Otter.”  Read (a certain number of pages) and then look for your clue.

Go to your bedroom and find your favorite book for Mom or Dad to read to you.  Ask Mom for your next clue….

A great treasure would be a trip to your favorite used book store.

To get everyone out of their P.J.’s and presentable for the public:

Go to the sink and brush your teeth, then find your next clue.

Look in the mirror and smile, comb your hair and search for another clue.

Find your favorite jeans and sweater from your drawer and get dressed.  Find your next clue and proceed.

Find matching socks and shoes, put them on and find your next clue….

The treasure might be a walk to the park, raking leaves or wrestling with Dad.

For our family 8 or 9 clues was just right.  Now I pass my secret weapon on to you!  Enjoy!

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