Putting our Learning into Action at our Renaissance Festival!

Yes, you too can organize a festival – be it a Renaissance Festival, a Colonial Festival, a Music Festival or a Film Festival.  I promise it is worth it and not as difficult as it may sound.  Our Renaissance Festival came together because of our wonderful moms who made phone calls and furnished yummy soups, as well as our amazing students who put their learning to work and gave life to their guilds.  They researched, planned and then shared their knowledge with others.  The room was alive with smells, music and crafts from Renaissance times.

We had lovely pastries and breads from our Bakers guild.

Training and triumph at the Archers Guild.  (Even in the middle of a snowstorm!)

There were new skills to be learned at our Gem Guild, our Glass Etching Guild and our Crocheting Guild.


And that was not all – we also had a music guild and a Weapons guild.

I think the success of the day was the simple fact that everyone chose for themselves what they most wanted to share and what they most wanted to participate in. The students did the hard work and preparation and it didn’t seem like work at all.  It certainly was a lot of fun though.  I heard one student say that he found he really enjoyed teaching, something he had never considered!

So I challenge you to put together your own festival.  What are your kids learning that they might enjoy sharing with others?  Who can you invite to join you?  The benefits are huge and the memories are priceless!


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