Pristine, Fresh, Exciting….Charting the New Year!

Aaahh, a New Year…It’s a new calendar with lovely white squares. It’s a clean slate waiting for the first chalk squiggle to be drawn, or maybe a brand new notebook with fresh pages awaiting all the stories and letters and lists and dreams soon to be penned.  Don’t you just love it?  I seem to get this bug to throw things away and spruce things up a bit.  It feels so good to fill a bag with unnecessary items and drop them off at the nearest thrift store. Then I make a mental note to stop bringing things home that aren’t necessary.  I hope it sticks this year!

So while we’re sprucing up, let’s fill the coming days with some new ideas!

Let’s call it “Charting 2017!”

We could watch some motivating videos about dreams and goals and accomplishments.  This is my favorite:

We could buy a new calendar: one for the family and one for each of the kids.  Then we could sit down and talk about all the wonderful things we would like to do this year.  We could actually write some of them on the family calendar and start the fun of preparing. Then we could let the kids write some things on their own calendars and start their own planning.

We could teach the kids about finances by having a toy sale with the neighborhood kids or on Facebook or Ebay.  And with their new income…..

We could teach them to give 10% to charity and 10% to savings.

We could show them how to open a savings account.

We could invest in something (like McDonalds or Apple or silver and gold)


OSMO – HAVE YOU SEEN IT?  It really bridges the gap from “watching” to “participating” with our electronics!  I watched my grand kids engage with Mo for hours after receiving this as a Christmas gift.


  Whatever your “Charting 2017” looks like, I can wish you nothing better than that your most cherished dreams become a reality this year!





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