Our Home School Treasure Hunt with Homemade Granola!

We started with prayer and our mind math. One seven year old told me that she has now memorized all of her two times tables and is working on her threes – all because she didn’t know the answer to our mind math last week. Now that’s motivation AND natural learning!

Our six year old and three year old collected acorn tops and lined them up until they had counted to 100!  Not because they were given an assignment, but because they found them on the ground and started their own “collection.”


The big boys helped a lot as we searched for clues in hard places.  They were pretty good to share, but I think next time I will make one treasure hunt for the little ones and one for the bigger ones!

All of the younger kids took turns stirring, and some even licked the bowl, as we took our treasure hunt ingredients and made granola!  Each clue was written in invisible ink and most of the clues led us to another ingredient. We had oats and chocolate chips and craisins and sun butter and honey and almond slivers and sun flower seeds.

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Then they were off to the playground and the scooters and to make racetracks in the bark!


Now it was time for parents to report on their homework.  I had asked them all to take their observation notes and set up some environments for each of their children.  As we’ve said many times, environments can be plentiful and should be original to the children’s talents and curiosities.  Here I share a bit of the conversation:

“My daughter wants to learn French and Spanish.  I told her that we should start with just one – she decided on French.”

“My daughter wants to start a book club.  Do you think any of your children would like to join?”

“We have a lot of environments set up around our house already. My six year old loves to create and always has her projects on the dining room table.  I’m one of those parents that likes to use the least amount of items necessary and clean up as soon as possible.  My daughter likes to leave everything out for days and keep coming back to it.  I’m trying to find a way to make it work for both of us!”

“We have a puzzle place and a lego area and a spot for books.”

“Our environments are the multiple cooperatives that my son attends.  He loves all of them.  He has one on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  They are all different and it gives him what he needs because he doesn’t have any siblings at home.”

“We looked at the Klutz books because my  seven year old daughter said she loves designing, but she found another book that caught her attention even more.  It made me realize that she isn’t really that sold on fashion design just yet.”

“My nine year old would like to start a programming club.”

“I don’t think my son would like to program but he would love to play the games.”

GOOD JOB MOMS!  I hope all of you are finding fun in creating environments for your family!






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