Without  hesitation I can say that my favorite places for observation are excursions. When possible, take Dad with you and get his perspective.  If you have young children and Dad can’t go, hire a babysitter to go with you –  you can do more observing and less chasing this way.  Here are a few recommendations:

Libraries –  Canyons –  Beaches –  Picnics –  Hikes –  Museums –  Cemeteries –  Train Stations – Small Airports  – Splash Parks –  Rock Collecting  – Construction sites –  Mud puddles –  Sand Boxes –  Aviaries – Gardens  –  Aquariums –  Zoos –  Animal Shelters –  Beekeeper – Rodeos  – Sand Dunes – Bike Rides –  Parades –

Observation at home is also entertaining and  enlightening!  Consider putting out some paintbrushes, blocks, shells, books, beads, trains, marbles,  yarn, measuring tape, hammer and nails, camera, magnifying glass, children’s magazines, measuring cups, flutes, drums, balls, markers, and anything else you have lying around.

You may have a child who thoroughly enjoys playing by themselves and then again you may be called over every five minutes to “make believe” with them.  These are all things to write about.  What does each child choose to participate in with so many choices laid before them?

Remember you are solely watching and  recording thoughts in your notebook.  It’s simple, it’s fun and you can do it barefoot with your own feet dangling in the water.

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