Moms are Forever

My sweet Mom passed away one year ago on Christmas Eve.  She battled Alzheimer’s prior to her passing.  This Christmas Eve our family met together at the cemetery to add our candle to the many others scattered throughout the grounds.  It was a special moment as we considered our Mother and wondered what she might be doing.  Did her and my Dad, who has also passed away, have time to think about Christmas?  Were they watching as we gathered together? First I shed a few tears out of sadness.  I miss my Mom.  Sometimes I still feel the urge to pick up the phone and share something with her that is going on in my life….then I quickly remember she isn’t available.  I shed a few tears out of gratitude for her example, her sacrifices in my behalf and her devotion to her family.  Lastly I shed a few tears out of love for my beautiful Savior.  His gift assures me that someday I will live with Mom and Dad again and with all those who are so dear to me. If Mom was allowed the privilege of sharing a twinkle of time with us that night I know she had a huge smile on her face because she can see better than the rest of us that Moms are Forever!

As a tribute to my mother and yours, please take four minutes and watch this beautiful version of “The Prayer”

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