Lego Learning – and Everything Else at our Home School Study Group

Our Home School Study Group decided to have a Lego Learning class.  This was something that most of the kids had expressed an interest in.  Wendy was gracious enough to offer her house and her son was kind enough to share his Legos with everyone! (Quite a sacrifice for sure!)

Marshall showed us how he made his Lego balance scale.

dsc_0255 dsc_0256

dsc_0260 dsc_0257

While the big boys worked on their  projects, the little ones played games and created with Play Do.

dsc_0278  dsc_0253

After a while we were enticed outside by the beautiful sunshine.  While we were out there we watched a cat catch a mouse and eat it!  Gross…but very interesting!


Some other things that happened today:

The Lego containers were tipped over by a four year old.  Though it was a bit frustrating at first, it was easier to find all the right pieces!

The marbles rolled under the couch and out of reach, but one of our boys made a Lego tool to reach them and pull them out.

Two of the boys organized a time to get together and play later.

We did some Lego inventing.

Everyone helped clean up.

We had a new family join us.

We learned how to take turns and how to “give and take” a little bit.


Letting a child’s interest guide our days can get a bit crazy at times, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!  Everyday is a new adventure and we all learn together!


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