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“If you’re always trying to be normal, you’ll never know how amazing you can be!”  (From the Klutz Book website – more about Klutz in a moment!)

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Today in our Study Group we highlighted projects and talents that the kids have been nurturing at home.  This cute guy loves his gun and knows how to use it!

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She is taking a gymnastics class and, well….you can see how amazing she is!

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The big boys demonstrated their Lego skills, strategic skills in board games and finally a computer game which he programmed using “Scratch.”

When all the demonstrations were complete, the gentlemen served our Fall snacks to the group and did an excellent job.

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With their stomach’s full, the kids ran off to play and the moms had a minute to talk about their observations of their children over the last several weeks. Here are a few of their conclusions:

My child is very quiet in new situations, but after he feels safe, he jumps right in and makes friends.

My daughter is very creative, playful and crafty.

My son likes a schedule and waits to be told what to do next.

He is talented at memorizing.

He loves to talk, about everything!

He is happy and fun-loving.

She is interested in designing clothes.

She is a very kinesthetic learner.

He likes to be entertained.

He can get frustrated easily if things don’t work out right the first time.

He is sensitive to the Spirit.

He is so smart and just picks up on things without much effort.

She likes music.

He is starting to use his imagination.

He loves animals and nature.

She really wants to try milking a cow!

He can play alone and be quite content.

With all of this information, and much more, we set out to work on environments for the children based on their strengths and talents. Each mom is going to be diligent in setting up a couple of new environments at home, as well as planning some trips to enhance and nurture their children.  Of course this will come after having some serious discussions with the kids to make sure we are all on the same page! I’m anticipating some fabulous ideas when we meet again next week.

I love to make some recommendations based on my own observations.  One thing that I suggested was a couple of Klutz books, which are chuck full of ideas for just about any personality. I was amazed to find out that none of our families were familiar with Klutz Books and so…..I can’t help myself!  I absolutely must share some of my favorites with you and hope that you find one that puts a great big smile on your face!  Go here to look at lots of fun Klutz Books!





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