Fairy Forest

There is a secret fairy forest in the mountains of Kamas, Utah.  This is not too far from Park City, so I determined to find it next time I’m up that way.  Thanks to utahsadventurefamily.com/fairy-forest for the directions.  If your family lives in Utah, and you happen by this magical place, take some painted rocks and gnomes to add to the forest and then send me a picture or two to post. I myself haven’t been there yet!

With Spring break just around the corner I would encourage you to ask your children what kind of adventure they would like to share as a family. Some of the best times happen in your own backyard.

Our  favorite family day trips/activities:

Sand dunes with our four wheeler

A hike up the canyon

A tent in the backyard, or in the living room, with marshmallow roasting, (best done outside!) S”mores, star gazing and flashlight tag

A day packed with yard sale shopping

Game night (card games and Killer Bunnies can go on for hours!)

A day to discover all of the surrounding used book stores

Pizza, popcorn and pajamas along with our favorite movies

Night games with the neighborhood kids

Bike rides

Running through the sprinklers and homemade Popsicles afterward

Whatever you do, do it together!




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