Everyone Has a Story

Old Sea Captain Grandfather Grandson Original Oil Painting after Norman RockwellYesterday our Home school group visited the Norman Rockwell art exhibit.  Some of us thoroughly enjoyed it while others didn’t find it to be their cup of tea; thus goes life and home-school.  As we were gathering everyone together to go back to our cars, I noticed an elderly man, with a cane, shuffling through the exhibit.  It occurred to me that Norman Rockwell was not simply an illustrator, he was a magnificent storyteller.  He could put on canvas the emotion of a person or a situation and draw his audience into their lives.  I began to wonder about this gentleman with the cane.  What was his story?

I noticed that he came alone – was his wife deceased?  Had he been married?  Was he lonely?  Did he live nearby?

He was old enough to have lived through the civil rights movement…how had that affected him?  Had he fought in a war?

What lessons did he most cherish from this long life of his?  Had art always been a passion of his, or was he simply taken by Norman Rockwell’s technique?

Perhaps it was the ambiance of the exhibit, but in that moment I yearned to sit with him for a time and visit.  I felt there was much I could learn from him.

Yes, everyone’s life is made up of little stories.  What are yours?

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