Every Day, a new Creation!



We just had a wedding…a new family was created between my daughter and her sweet husband!  It was a beautiful time as our family was all together to celebrate, and so we decided to have a family picture taken.  Together we drove to the top of the mountains to find the perfect place.  Everywhere we looked was magnificent because we were surrounded by God’s remarkable creations. As I took a moment to look at each of my amazing children, I was so grateful for all that they are and all that they will be!  Already they have taken opportunities to create beauty and goodness in their lives and those around them. They are more than I could ever hope for!  I know you feel the same as you watch your own precious children!

I’ve been thinking a lot about our desire to create.  I watched, for the tenth time, the following video clip and would like to share it with you.  It inspires me to look up to higher aspirations and to know that God will magnify my talents which He has given me!” We are God’s stunning creations, and He is pushing us to discover our powerful potential. It happens slowly, but absolutely surely, each day of our lives. I challenge you to create something beautiful today!

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