Fairy Forest

There is a secret fairy forest in the mountains of Kamas, Utah.  This is not too far from Park City, so I determined to find it next time I’m up that way.  Thanks to utahsadventurefamily.com/fairy-forest for the directions.  If your family lives in Utah, and you happen by this magical place, take some painted rocks … [Read more…]

And the winner is….Dad!

Last night we gathered for a talent show.  Cherish was the organizer and she did a splendid job.  She was a graceful and articulate Master of Ceremonies.  We had talents from knot tying to cartwheels, to playing the recorder.  It was sweet to watch each participant as they courageously marched to the front to share … [Read more…]

Naturally Learning and Teens

Naturally Learning looks different in each phase of our children’s development.  As children are given opportunities to develop their God-given personalities and talents at a young age, they mature into vibrant, happy people!  I love, love, love mentoring the teens in our Aspen Cooperative!  At this point we are touring colleges and looking to the … [Read more…]

Environments that fit!

In our study group we’ve taken a few weeks to do some observation – trying to see our children through new eyes.  We’ve also talked about our reasons WHY we home-school.  Now we are taking those things we’ve noted and we’re thinking about some environments that will inspire each individual child.  When we say “environment” … [Read more…]

When the kids take over…

Our Lego class, taught by Crystal, (age 8) was a big hit today!  She agreed to share her Lego Elves with us!  Talk about cool.  This particular set of Legos are so whimsical and brought many children to the table!  Crystal’s outgoing personality and warming smile kept  her students engaged and made them feel comfortable. One of … [Read more…]

Nature Study

Happy days are here again!  We’ve seen the sunshine for several days in a row, and temperatures actually broke 50 degrees.  This sends my thoughts to the possibility of Spring, which in turn gets me excited about planning some excursions with our cooperative. This calls for pulling out some of my favorite books on the … [Read more…]

My continuing “natural learning”

        Continuing our own natural learning helps us feel like a child again and I believe is critical for every adult!  This poignant thought occurred to me recently while taking a pottery class for the first time.  It was a Christmas gift from my own children and what a gift it has … [Read more…]