Can I Try?

I mentioned that my kids gave me a gift of pottery lessons this past Christmas.  It just so happens that one of our families recently bought a new potter’s wheel!  Though a humble beginner myself, I was asked to show the kids in our home-school study group how to throw a pot. It was a thrill for me to share my training, but more importantly it was a thrill to watch the newest potters give it a shot!

Can I try? Can I try? These are encouraging words for all parents. A wheel, some clay, a little bit of training (and I mean LITTLE) and they were off….learning themselves about the joys and frustrations of creating – of getting a little ball of clay centered exactly in the middle of the wheel.

We learned a lot about sharing, patience, practice, getting dirty, and watching a ball of clay turn into something remarkable. We also learned about watching our creation fall apart right before our eyes and starting over!

Knowledge, and testing of that knowledge, can be addictive! It leads us from one new encounter to the next; creating momentum as we continue. Through this process we soon find the talents that resonate in our hearts and which we want to spend greater time and effort perfecting. It’s all part of naturally learning!

DSC_0076   DSC_0074   DSC_0071   DSC_0067   DSC_0091   DSC_0089   DSC_0105   DSC_0108

Besides a potter’s wheel here are a few activities that draw out the inquisitive mind of a child…

Cake Decorating

Kite Flying

Paint by Numbers


Light Boxes

Magnifying Lenses




Coin Collecting




  1. Marianne allred

    I love the pictures. I just think about how much more fun the kids have and how much more they get to experience than they would ever get in traditional school. You have really helped me to see learning in a new light, thank you a million times over.

    • Val

      Natural Learning is a more fulfilling path. I’m always glad when I hear that someone has been willing to give it a try! Thanks again Marianne!

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