Environment Ideas

         As our children get older we seem to grow more concerned about our ability to “teach them” all that they need to know.  A word of wisdom…we don’t have to!  We provide opportunities and they take it from there.  As much as we would like to think that we can cram information in … [Read more…]

Mind Math in action!

Each time we meet as a cooperative, we start out with a little tradition we like to call mind math!  It has become one of our trademarks. If ever I forget to do it, the kids will undoubtedly remind me! Our long time students love it, but that is because they have had a lot … [Read more…]

Start with the things they value!

Bremen wanted to teach a running class. He submitted a short syllabus of his class for review.  Here is what it contained: 10-20 minutes of jogging 5-15 minutes of running game 1-3 laps 1-3 races Running game for rest of time (if time is left) Bremen is a born leader and took his role as … [Read more…]

A Cooperative Day with Johannes Gutenberg

In honor of Johannes Gutenberg, today was a German day in our Aspen Co-op history class!  This being the case, it was only appropriate that the activities and instructions were printed in German! Here’s what happened!      Anna, who is studying German, pulled out her dictionary and began helping team one translate.  Joe, on … [Read more…]

Can I Try?

I mentioned that my kids gave me a gift of pottery lessons this past Christmas.  It just so happens that one of our families recently bought a new potter’s wheel!  Though a humble beginner myself, I was asked to show the kids in our home-school study group how to throw a pot. It was a … [Read more…]

New Ideas!

I just returned from Texas and a whirl wind week of time spent with my daughters, my grand kids and my son-in-law! Loved it!  As we continue our path of naturally learning it is critical that we remember what Charlotte Mason shared:  “A morning in which a child receives no new ideas is a morning … [Read more…]

Fairy Forest

There is a secret fairy forest in the mountains of Kamas, Utah.  This is not too far from Park City, so I determined to find it next time I’m up that way.  Thanks to utahsadventurefamily.com/fairy-forest for the directions.  If your family lives in Utah, and you happen by this magical place, take some painted rocks … [Read more…]