Leonardo DaVinci Notebooks

Our next few weeks will center around Leonardo Da Vinci and a multitude of activities.  Da Vinci is famous for his notebooks.  He carried one with him wherever he went and they were full of sketches, quotes, ideas, future plans, costs, observations….etc.  Our students have agreed to learn by his example and carry their own … [Read more…]

Join Us on Our Home School Walk

It’s a cool, crisp Fall day as we meander down the river trail. Pumpkins are strategically placed along the trail for us to find and decorate. There are some big ones and some little ones to fit everyone’s taste. We find a sunny spot, spread out the blankets and begin our masterpiece. We use permanent … [Read more…]

Mom to Mom – What Did you do Today?

To all of you who are having fun with natural learning – thank you!  A special thank you to those who have sent me pictures and thoughts to share.  I know it strengthens all of us when we have a community and we can all contribute. Wendy wrote: “The boys made a candy dispenser out … [Read more…]

Hernan Cortes and Pass Along Stories

Why do I love using pass-along stories?  It’s a very quiet activity (in the beginning) as each student concentrates on what to say next. There is a whole lot of writing going on and everyone enjoys it. There is laughter, enthusiasm, and fun!  Finally, the subject matter, which in today’s case was Hernan Cortes and … [Read more…]

Begin with NO end in mind!

Our excursion today was to a local university museum of art as well as the science building on campus. The children in our group range from ages 2  to 10.  I’ve taken many children to many museums over the years! While some love to spend time carefully walking through and observing, most of them walk … [Read more…]