Where Spain, Omelets and Windmills Meet

I couldn’t wait to tell you about our splendid class this week.  We are at that place, historically, where we are discussing Miguel Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote.  Most of my students were not very familiar with Don Quixote (and I had to admit I’ve never read the entire book myself.  Shhhhhhh, that will … [Read more…]

Fun with light – thanks to Galileo!

  There’s a book titled “The Starry Messenger” which shares the story of Galileo Galilei.  It states that, “He was born with stars in his eyes!”  I hope we were all born with stars in our eyes for stars reflect beautiful light and light gives our life hope and healing and happiness! The past few … [Read more…]

Renaissance Guilds and Bubble Gum!

We’re gearing up for our Renaissance Festival this year which means we will be forming our own guilds to share.  This means that we need to understand what a guild was/is and their reason for being.  I decided to do this using bubble gum.  We created our own bubble gum blowing guild. First we drew … [Read more…]

Mathematics continued…

  You remember the Rubik’s Cube don’t you?  That frustrating cube of colors that never seems to match up.  I’ve got kids begging to solve that crazy thing if you can believe it!  Our math teacher is sharing the algorithms with our students step by step and they are taking to the challenge! I love … [Read more…]

Minecraft and Cardboard boxes

Thanks to Bremen and his amazing pictures, I was transported back in time…back to when I would beg my parents to let me keep the boxes that were delivered to our door on rare occasions. (Amazon wasn’t even a thought back then) Back to the days when I would spend hours making doll furniture, typewriters, … [Read more…]

Michelangelo and Fresco Painting

In our Cooperative we have learned some inspiring things about Leonardo DaVinci and about ourselves.  Now we’re moving on to….the Sistine Chapel, David, the Pieta and more.  Today we pulled out the paintbrushes and plaster to see the difficulties that Michelangelo faced as he painted a ceiling – a huge ceiling!    We started by … [Read more…]