Back to Basics: Books and Blocks

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A pile of blocks is so inviting. They can be fashioned into anything we can imagine.  Then we can start over and do it all again.  Each child has a different vision in their mind of what the blocks can become.  Some of them are able to share their visions and work together to make something spectacular, others choose to play individually. It works!

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Books are also very appealing.  We started today by looking at a map to see where in the world we had traveled.  Then we went on a scavenger hunt to find a book about some places we would like to travel to.  There were books on Africa, China, Mars, Submarines and Australia. Piggy and Elephant books were also a favorite as we wandered around looking for a cherished book to curl up with.

Today I witnessed every child spend time with books or blocks or both.  Some spent almost the entire time working on just one or the other.  Of course there were smatterings of other activities that drew them in, but they kept coming back to the blocks and the books.  The basics are always a good idea.  Like marbles and jump rope and checkers, they never go out of style. They are activities that require our attention, and in return they give us great pleasure and cherished memories.

If you have inadvertently allowed your home school days to to get too complicated, join us in coming back to the basics!

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