Secret Weapon

Treasure Hunts!! I haven’t met a child yet that doesn’t love them.  My kids loved them so much that they didn’t even care if there was a treasure at the end.  Finding clues, searching for the hiding place and the mystery of the next location are all magical activities for children. Just think of it … [Read more…]

Prayer for Families in France

As I kneel to pray for the families of France and others around the world, I ask Heavenly Father to wrap his loving arms around the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters of those grieving and yearning to hold their loved ones again.  Please join me!


I decided to put my picture on my blog so you could see who you’re visiting with.  Why is it that I’m always disappointed with my photograph?   It’s not like I don’t look at myself in the mirror everyday – multiple times.  I know what the reflection looks like.  Why would I expect to … [Read more…]