A Peek at our Discovery Day!

It all started with our lovely violinists who have discovered one of their many talents!     Next the beautiful Noel taught us how to do string magic…..drums, teacups, Eiffel Tower, kitty whiskers.  It was a real hit.  Some of the kids didn’t put their strings down for over an hour as they discovered their … [Read more…]

Everyone Has a Story

Yesterday our Home school group visited the Norman Rockwell art exhibit.  Some of us thoroughly enjoyed it while others didn’t find it to be their cup of tea; thus goes life and home-school.  As we were gathering everyone together to go back to our cars, I noticed an elderly man, with a cane, shuffling through … [Read more…]

Observation in action

Observation is a lot of fun for the kids but might be a bit challenging for the parents….that’s because we are hesitant to let go and just let them engage in the way they choose.  We somehow feel that we aren’t doing our job. Be patient with yourself and get caught up in the smiles … [Read more…]

Mentoring Program

Beginning this Monday I will be mentoring three families in the ideas of homeschooling through naturally learning.  I’m feeling so blessed to have found the families I will be working with.  I know that we were brought together by our Father in Heaven to learn from Him and from one another. I’m getting giddy just … [Read more…]

Moms are Forever

My sweet Mom passed away one year ago on Christmas Eve.  She battled Alzheimer’s prior to her passing.  This Christmas Eve our family met together at the cemetery to add our candle to the many others scattered throughout the grounds.  It was a special moment as we considered our Mother and wondered what she might … [Read more…]

A Singing House

Perhaps without saying much at all this week I can simply share a story that embodies the beauty of natural learning.  May we all have a singing house this Christmas season and beyond! The Singing House by May Morgan Potter Fred ate his breakfast dutifully and then slipped down from his chair. ‘Now can I … [Read more…]


There is a game that was created by Blue Orange called Spot It, and it is brilliant!  It is based on an algorithm that allows every card in the deck to have one matching item with every other card  in the deck.  Though there is a lovely mathematical equation to go with this, that’s another … [Read more…]