A Little Inspiration goes a Long Way! – Follow up on Rube Goldberg Machines

One of my cute subscribers sent me these pictures of her children building their own Rube Goldberg machines after watching the video from my post: “Begin with No end in mind!”  They were so cute I had to share them!

img_20161004_115818 img_20161004_121619-1 img_20161004_121653-1  img_20161004_114955

Little miracles are always awaiting the dedication and love of sweet parents.  Though naturally learning can seem a bit ambiguous at times, and can challenge the best of us, the rewards are happy, happy, happy!

If you and your children have activities to share, please send me pictures that I can post.  As we share, we inspire others and that comes back to bless everyone!

Thanks for reading!

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