IMG00211-20120516-0116Whether you are working through the idea of  homeschooling, have been doing it for a time and are fighting fatigue, or are a brand new homeschooling heroine, I applaud you and would love to sit down with you for a sip of something soothing and a relaxing chat! So find somewhere sunny and bright and let’s talk.

As I visit with moms who are entertaining the idea of homeschooling, they often  ask, “Where do I begin?”   A humble prayer for guidance will start you off right.  Is this what the Lord would have you do?  Once you make that decision, the stars will begin to align. For further confidence, please see my post on statistics for home-educated children.  It will absolutely give you the boost you need!

Next – get excited about the many possibilities! And….

 Begin by Observing

If you are fresh from a public school setting it is wise to decompress for a time.  You don’t need to run out and buy a home school curriculum just yet but rather transition slowly and joyfully!  Dedicate the next few weeks to watching your children.  Dust off an old notebook or purchase a shiny new one.  Grab a pen and head for the park, the backyard, or the playroom and start writing about your children. I am VERY serious when I suggest that you do this for several weeks. Several weeks means months!  Three or four months would be awesome but take as much time as you need.  Many do it for one or two days and call it good.  That simply won’t do the trick. Your goal here is to see your child through new eyes; as you would someone who you are meeting for the first time.  We all think that we know our children, however sometimes we know them as WE want them to be, not necessarily as THEY really are.  Watch for the subtle things – the ways they interact with others, with you, the things they choose to participate in.  Ask the Lord to help you understand them better as you give yourself time to be a patient observer. Write it all down!


“Went to the park today and Emma spent the entire time playing in the water at the drinking fountain while Tyler asked every child there to be his friend!”

This becomes the beginning of your family’s customized curriculum. It will be worth a smile or two later on and will help you see deeper into the enchanting minds of your children. Just in case you’re wondering, your child who plays in the drinking fountain is, and always will be, brilliant!

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  1. Love your post Val! I tried to follow the link to the statistics for homeschooling children and it brought me to a page asking for a username and password. How do I get to that article?

    • Val

      I’m sorry about that. I will check it and see why that is happening. It shouldn’t need a password. In the meantime just go to the main page at and click on “statistics lend confidence” at the top. It will come up without any problem! Thanks so much!

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