A Cooperative Day with Johannes Gutenberg

In honor of Johannes Gutenberg, today was a German day in our Aspen Co-op history class!  This being the case, it was only appropriate that the activities and instructions were printed in German! Here’s what happened!


DSC_0123   Anna, who is studying German, pulled out her dictionary and began helping team one translate.  Joe, on team two, started making up his own instructions, and team number three decided it would be best to find an online translator.  Eventually they all started to figure it out.

DSC_0122   DSC_0119

We ended up making a German flag, carving our own block print letters (using a potato), making muesli, listening to a story in German, along with other activities.

DSC_0131   DSC_0128   DSC_0134


We realized that when making block letters, the letters must be carved backwards so that they look correct when stamped on the paper.DSC_0127  Oops!


The kids were great sports which made it a schöner Tag!




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