Wild Wonders Observation

“And so we discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being.”

—Maria Montessori


Continuing our observation this week we went to “Wild Wonders,” a refuge for animals that are sick, injured or orphaned.  The great thing about Wild Wonders is that it is up close and personal! Children and adults get to pet, and sometimes hold, the animals! We played with a tortoise, a ring tail, a bearded lizard, a hedgehog, a skunk and more….

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It was a great place for observation because most of the kids were a captive audience and could hardly wait to see what animal would come out of its cage next. The presenter was a lot of fun – able to engage the kids with fun facts and lots of questions.  The children responded exuberantly!  By the end of the presentation we had learned the difference between a turtle and a tortoise, the proper name for an animal that eats plants AND animals, the name of a very elusive animal that is native to Utah as well as how a skunk loses its stink! (And lucky for us it had!)

Some of my observations today:  

Everyone’s eyes light up when they get the chance to hold nature in their hands!

She appears to be a budding photographer – or perhaps it’s just curiosity – time will tell.

He knows more about animals than I do!

She is more reserved outwardly but inwardly she is coming up with wonderful ideas!

He pays attention to detail.

She is willing to be a peacemaker most of the time.

He was interested in putting things together.

He wanted to finish his project before he left.

She is respectful and listens while others are sharing their ideas.

She is brave.

He feels validated when people acknowledge his ideas.

When our tummies are growling, food is the only objective!

Children are inquisitive and so darn cute!

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dsc_1469 dsc_1486  dsc_1540 dsc_1537

To follow up with the day’s activity, I encouraged parents to do some research on any of the topics that were shared with us at Wild Wonders.  This could be done at the library, at home, on Youtube, with a map, or by having a conversation with Dad at dinnertime. It may lead to geography, art, storytelling, journaling, planning future excursions, photography and the likes!






  1. Machiel Pulley

    Valerie, I have loved these posts on observation. I think I am finally getting it! Observation is key, huh?

    We did some very fun science things today and I want to write down some of my observations so that I can steer my kids in that same positive direction we found today.

    Thank you!

    • Val

      Yes, yes, yes, Yeah!!! Do you have a minute to share your fun science things? I’m sure others would be so appreciative! Thank you so much! So great to hear from you!

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