Surprise Discoveries are the Best!

Our observation today took us up the canyon where the ground was covered with autumn leaves. After a prayer, a song and some mind math, we found that one of the boys had gone home from last week and researched a little bit more about animals.  He discovered that if you come across a Gila … [Read more…]

Wild Wonders Observation

“And so we discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being.” —Maria Montessori   Continuing our observation this week we went to “Wild Wonders,” a refuge for animals that are sick, injured or orphaned.  The great thing about Wild … [Read more…]

Christopher Columbus Cooperative Style!

With sixteen kids in our class from age 14-18 we have a ton of fun!  It can get a little bit crazy, but it is always wonderful!  So how does natural learning, with a cooperative-style class and high school age students, look?  One never knows for sure! Beginning with prayer and some beautiful thoughts is … [Read more…]

More on Observation

We’ve just begun another semester of our home school study group.  Again I have some very kind families who are joining me.  We hope to share  some ideas, concerns, and joys of natural learning as we go. Our first day is always interesting because, for most of us, it’s our first try at “observation.” I … [Read more…]

A Renaissance Year!

  Renaissance: A Rebirth or Revival Renaissance Man:  A person with many talents or areas of knowledge That’s our focus in Aspen Cooperative this year. It’s going to be an excellent time for the kids to dive into their individual talents and develop themselves.  It also means I get to do the same.  I can’t wait … [Read more…]