Master’s Retreat – “You don’t have to change the world, but live as though you may!”

As each year draws to a close our Master’s Class meets together for a yearly tradition we call our Master’s Retreat.  We have come to look forward to it with excitement and curiosity.  Each year the theme is different.  We’ve done everything from a Rope’s Course to hikes to talent shows to bonfires.  This year … [Read more…]

Every Day, a new Creation!

  We just had a wedding…a new family was created between my daughter and her sweet husband!  It was a beautiful time as our family was all together to celebrate, and so we decided to have a family picture taken.  Together we drove to the top of the mountains to find the perfect place.  Everywhere … [Read more…]

Everyone deserves to go to the Ball

Ever since our parents read childhood stories of Cinderella, every girl has dreamed of going to the ball.  At Aspen Cooperative we provide this dazzling opportunity at the end of each school year!  Even the adults take a spin, and sometimes the real prince is a father as he dances with his daughter! No one … [Read more…]