More Mind Math!

I’ve had a few moms ask if I could post more mind math videos.  One mother told me that her nine year old doesn’t like to do math but he loves to watch our mind math and try to come up with the answer.  It’s how he has learned what it means to “square” a … [Read more…]


I can give many reasons why I believe a cooperative is incredibly valuable for our home-schoolers, and graduation is at the top of the list!  We just ended our year with Tessa’s graduation celebration. It’s a time for us to spotlight our kids who are leaving Aspen and will continue to share their light and … [Read more…]

Environment Ideas

         As our children get older we seem to grow more concerned about our ability to “teach them” all that they need to know.  A word of wisdom…we don’t have to!  We provide opportunities and they take it from there.  As much as we would like to think that we can cram information in … [Read more…]