Nature Study

Happy days are here again!  We’ve seen the sunshine for several days in a row, and temperatures actually broke 50 degrees.  This sends my thoughts to the possibility of Spring, which in turn gets me excited about planning some excursions with our cooperative. This calls for pulling out some of my favorite books on the … [Read more…]

My continuing “natural learning”

        Continuing our own natural learning helps us feel like a child again and I believe is critical for every adult!  This poignant thought occurred to me recently while taking a pottery class for the first time.  It was a Christmas gift from my own children and what a gift it has … [Read more…]

A Peek at our Discovery Day!

It all started with our lovely violinists who have discovered one of their many talents!     Next the beautiful Noel taught us how to do string magic…..drums, teacups, Eiffel Tower, kitty whiskers.  It was a real hit.  Some of the kids didn’t put their strings down for over an hour as they discovered their … [Read more…]