There is a game that was created by Blue Orange called Spot It, and it is brilliant!  It is based on an algorithm that allows every card in the deck to have one matching item with every other card  in the deck.  Though there is a lovely mathematical equation to go with this, that’s another … [Read more…]

Secret Weapon

Treasure Hunts!! I haven’t met a child yet that doesn’t love them.  My kids loved them so much that they didn’t even care if there was a treasure at the end.  Finding clues, searching for the hiding place and the mystery of the next location are all magical activities for children. Just think of it … [Read more…]

Prayer for Families in France

As I kneel to pray for the families of France and others around the world, I ask Heavenly Father to wrap his loving arms around the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters of those grieving and yearning to hold their loved ones again.  Please join me!